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Hudební fakulta JAMU - English - International Music Master Classes - 35th INTERNATIONAL MUSIC MASTER CLASSES


Brno, July 2. – 13. 2002

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The annual International Music Master Classes are designed mainly for students of conservatories, music colleges and also for professional musicians. The option of passive participation is provided for less experienced applicants (individual lessons will not be available), but there is free access to all classes and to all available events.

The interpretation of works by Janáček, Martinů, Smetana, Dvořák, Novák, Suk and other Czech composers, including contemporary ones, is the main aim of these
master-classes. However, active participants may also focus on other works by internationally renowned composers.

Our speciality is that every active participant is guaranteed a regular tuition to the extent of 5 lessons and quartets 10 lessons (without an audition). Furthermore, a piano accompanist will be provided by JAMU for the same number of lessons.

The applicant can indicate on the application form interest in less than five lessons, which will result in a lower enrolment fee (see the table).To meet the demands of all the applicants, when there are many applicants in some fields of study, additional instructors may be used to assist the given professor.

Thanks to the new superior instrument we decided to open a new prospective domain - organ. Even the group of teaching professors has deeply changed - we invited two new professors of the violoncello playing Miroslav Zicha and Václav Horák,
renowned flutist Václav Kunt and an outstanding pianist of the youngest generation Jan Jiraský, so the possibility of choosing the professor or the possibility of paralel studies at two specialists is again wider this year.

Outside activities include sightseeing around Brno and a visit to the Janáček museum with the opportunity to study the sources kept there. For relaxation, further events have been organised, such as a visit to the Moravian architectonical gem, the historical town Mikulov, the center of Moravian wine making, whose products you can taste in an original wine cellar to the accompaniment of original dulcimer music. The Brno public transportation system provides the opportunity to use swimming and water sports facilities, which are only thirty minutes away from the city centre. You may also visit the Moravian Karst with the Macocha Abyss and the Punkva caves accessible by boat.


The fees are to be paid in USD.

The price includes not only lessons and accompaniment, but also further services and advantages:

  • 5 lessons (with piano accompaniment)
  • at least 6 hours for practice time daily
  • free access to any lessons in all areas, seminars and master class concerts
  • free participation in concert trips and excursions
  • in case of seat shortage reserved places in buses
  • possibility of recording a CD or video cassette (without cutting)
  • prior places in the concerts of participants
  • right to an individual accommodation in the student home ASTORKA for reduced price
  • option of requesting translation into a major world language and the constanta aid of an international speaker
  • each year there is one country selected, of which two of the participants of this nationality will receive a bonus 50% discount of the tuition fee. This advantage
    is valid for the United States of America for thea year 2002.

Number of lessons
No accomp.
Members of chamber orch.
















Passive participant*



Enrolment fee



Discounted fee



*/ If a member of the chamber ensemble participates in the solo branch as well, the director of the master classes can award him/her by a reduced tuition. The applicant then pays just one fee.

/ The discounted fee is arranged only for those applicants who participated in the courses in previous years.

*/ In the branches of Electronic Keybord Instruments, Electroacoustic and Computer Music and Creative Improvisation all the applicants are considered to be active participants. Before noon the group classes are arranged, in the afternoon individual lessons for the persons concerned are scheduled.


The Office should receive the application form, together with a bank receipt confirming the payment of the enrolment fee by May 3l, 2002. When applying for participation, please transfer 30 USD to the account number 27-0493900217/0100 at the KB a.s. Brno, nám. Svobody 21, keyword OH120001. The money must be sent “free of charge to the payee”. In case of cancellation, the enrolment fee cannot be reimbursed
with the exception of non-acceptance of the application on the part of JAMU.


Participants are expected to arrive on Tuesday, July 2, 2002 between 10:00 am and 6:30 pm and report to JAMU, Komenského náměstí 6, Brno (tram No. 12 and 13 from the railway station, tram stop Česká). If you plan to come on another day, please inform the office of the master classes.
The master classes will officially commence and the schedule will be set on the same day at 7:00 pm in the Concert Hall of the Music faculty of JAMU.


The accommodation will be booked from July 2 to July 15, 2002 in the new residence hall of JAMU, the most up-to-date facility of this kind in Brno, for a very favourable price (about 70 USD for the entire stay in double or triple rooms or 100
USD in single rooms). It is also possible to book private accommodation. Accommodation must be paid together with the tuition fee at the office of the master classes immediately upon the arrival. The residence hall is located very close to the railway station and is in walking distance from the JAMU building (500 m). There will be no need for taking public transportation to get to school.
Address: IVU CENTRUM ASTORKA, Novobranská 3, 602 00 Brno, Czech Republic


We can recommend the restaurant SONÁTA located in the basement of the Music Faculty. Course participants will be given the possibility to choose from a wide variety of meals at favourable prices from 11 am to 1 pm.



Jiří Skovajsa (b. l945), laureate of the Alfredo Casella International Piano Competition in Naples, winner of the Janáček competition in Brno. During the period from 1977-1995 he was a soloist with the Brno State Philharmonic Orchestra, and is now a senior lecturer of piano at JAMU.

Jan Jiraský (b. 1973), studied at JAMU, he is one of our best interprets of younger generation. He is the laureate of many national and international competitions (1st prize Kijev, Noyers, Novi Sad, Karlovy Vary, medal of Maria Canals de Barcelona, special prize Darmstadt, finalist of competition EBU/UNESCO Lisabon etc.), holder of two Classic prizes 1999. He performed in 13 European countries and in the USA, cooperates with Czech and foreign orchestras and conductors. His CD-debut (1994) was recorded for Viennese company Musica.


Barbara Maria Willi is a graduate of the music University of Freiburg and of the Mozarteum, Salzburg. The many master classes she has taken part in
include those given by musicians such as Jesper Christensen, Jos van Immerseel, Gordon Murray and Christopher Stembridge. She has participated in numerous international music festivals and has made CD recordings as well as recording for Czech television and radio, and for radio stations around the world. In 2000, she founded the Capella Apollinis ensemble, and she also currently collaborates with distinguished soloists as John Holloway, Nigel North and Magdalena Koľená.
The course will include solo repertoire as well as continuo playing according to 17th century sources (A. Banchieri, L. Penna, G. Muffat). Barbara Maria Willi will not teach in the order period, but from June 2.-6., 2002. Students concerned have possibility of individual arrangement.


Kamila Klugarová studied at JAMU in Brno and AMU in Prague, laureate of national and international competitions (Prague Spring, Bologna), member of the jury of
several international competitions. She performed in Europe and Asia, taught master classes in Finland, France and the Netherlands. She has made CD recordings for television and radio. At present she is the Dean of the Music Faculty of JAMU and professor of organ.

violin, viola, string quartet

Bohumil Smejkal (b. 1935), worked first as soloist and conductor of the Radio Orchestra in Brno, later as concert master of the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra and then as leader of the world renowned Janáček Quartet (1973-1993). He has taught master classes in Great Britain, USA, Canada and Japan. At present he is professor of violin and chamber music at JAMU.

František Novotný (b. l964), studied at the Conservatory and at JAMU in Brno. As a student he took part in about twenty national and international competitions and master classes with Z. Bron and V. V. Tretiakov. He devotes much time to solo concert activities, cooperates with leading Czech and foreign orchestras and conductors, records CDs and perfoms in Europe, USA (Carnegie Hall) and Japan, where he also gives master classes. Since 1990 he has been teaching at JAMU.
František Novotný will not teach in the order period, but in Oct., Nov. and Dec. 2002. Students concerned have possibility of individual arrangement.


Václav Horák (b. 1950) - graduate of the Conservatory in Kroměříľ, AMU and JAMU. As a member of the Kyncl Quartet has performed in many countries in Europe and USA. He leads master classes in Třebíč. At present he is professor of violoncello at Conservatory and JAMU in Brno.

Miroslav Zicha (b. 1958) - graduate of the Conservatory in Brno and JAMU. He works as a teacher at the Conservatory in Brno and since 1995 has also been teaching at JAMU. As a member of the Bohuslav Martinů Trio he performed in the
Czech Republic and abroad, nowadays he cooperates with the Moravian Piano Trio.


Václav Kunt (b. 1949), one of the best Czech flutists, studied at JAMU. After playing in the Orchestra of Janáček Theatre for 10 years, he devotes to solo and chamber concert activities. Since 1981 has been active as soloist of the Prague Chamber Orchestra without conductor, since 1999 has been teaching at JAMU. He performed all around the world, has recorded many CDs and broadcast recordings.


Anna Barová, mezzosoprano; studied at AMU in Prague, in 1959-69 soloist of the Opera of Leipzig (Städtische Theater Leipzig). Since 1969 has been active as soloist of the National Theatre Brno. Her opera repertoire is very varied. Her concert appearances include solo recitals as well as solo parts in cantatas and oratorios by composers of different time periods. She cooperates with distinguished orchestras and has made many CD and broadcast recordings. At present she is a professor in the Department of singing at JAMU.

Alain Nonat (b. 1942, Canada), tenor; First Prize laureate of the "Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris" and laureate of several national and international competitions. He is general and artistic director of Theatre Lyrichoregra 20 and of the international program Les Jeunes Ambassadeurs Lyriques. He is a member of the jury of several international voice competitions in Europe.
Prof. Nonat will offer the possibility of awarding scholarships from the Canadian Slovak Music Fund, and an invitation to take part in the international program Jeunes Ambassadeurs Lyriques of Theatre Lyrichoregra 20, upon the end of his course.

electronic keyboard instruments, creative improvisation

The electronic keyboard instrument course and creative improvisation will be happening simultaneously for nine days, 4 lessons per day. Passive and active participants will not be differentiated. It is recommended that participants bring their own instruments. Single lessons will be divided to theoretical and practical sections.

Daniel Forró (b. l958), composer (more than 1000 compositions in different genres), concert artist (especially on electronic instruments – his own project FORROTRONICS), musicologist, journalist. He is a senior lecturer at JAMU (head of the Department of Electroacoustic and computer music). For 25 years he has been using electronic devices in creating artificial music. He is an author of various specialist books and sketches. He has cooperated closely with the firm YAMAHA as an expert.
The main focus of the course is to introduce students to the history and the current state of development of electronic musical instruments, to teach them how to use them (sound programming, stylistics of playing, etc.),
how to work with the MIDI system and a wide range of music software (sequencer, notator, editors, software for composing, Internet…). Part of the course will also focus on arranging.
In the creative improvisation course the participants will have an opportunity to conceive the principles of improvisation and to learn how to improvise. The course is open to all applicants, including vocalists, all homophonic instrument players and polyphonic string instrument or keyboard players. The methodology of improvisation will also be explained, therefore the course is suitable for elementary music school teachers.


Music Faculty of JAMU – MIK
Komenského nám. 6
CZ – 662 15 Brno
Czech Republic

account number: 27-0493900217/0100

KB a.s. Brno, nám. Svobody 21
keyword OH120001

director of master classes:
doc. Jiří Skovajsa
tel. 0 5/42 32 13 07/128, 159

from the Czech Republic:
PhDr. Zdeňka Stejskalová
tel. 0 5/42 32 13 07/149
fax 00 420 5/42 21 32 86

from abroad:
Marie Káňová
tel. 00 420 5/42 21 70 04
fax 00 420 5/42 21 32 86